Monday, 20 April 2009

The A-List: Where Are They Now?

Pretty much everywhere except on the cusp of Parliament, including here and here.


  1. Adam Rickett in Parliament?
    Does not really bear thinking about but if Michael Cashman (ex Eastenders) can be a Member of something called the European Parliament, then I suppose its almost compulsory.
    I am old enough to remember Andrew Faulds and I suppose Giles Brandreth has an Equity card.

    Am I right in thinking James Gaddas (ex Corrie) is still on the Tory list. He fought some unwinnable seat "up North" last time.

  2. I'll have a look.

    William Roache (Ken Barlow) is a very active Tory, whereas Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) is very active Labour.

    Rickett was on Question Time once. He treated us to his views on "Hootsies and Tootsies".

  3. Yes William Roache hosted Tory conference in North West.
    I didnt know about Liz Dawn.
    Incidently it was Stockton South that Gaddas ought last time.

  4. Hardly an unwinnable seat, then. A Tory one until 1997, having been notoriously gerrymandered to that end.

  5. Well I have of course no idea about gerrymandering. I am hardly that interested in Stockton.
    or the minutae of boundary change.
    But courtesy of Wikipedia I notice that it was once held by Ian Wrigglesworth for SDP (presumably a result of Labour splitting).
    And presumably Tim Devlin (wasnt he somewhat disgraced also?)capitalised on that division before it returned to Labour.
    Yes the majority of Dari Taylor (presumably a household name in her own household) suggests it is "winnable" for Tories.
    By the way the Anon" comment was mine. Sorry I appear to have pushed wrong button.