Monday, 27 April 2009

Is Ahmadinejad Jewish?

It seems so.

Even Wagner never changed his name. But then, what would have been the point? He couldn't have changed his face.

And no doubt there were plenty of Spanish anti-Semites with "ez" surnames.

Ah, but therein seems to be the point: Ahmadinejad has had to change his name, even though he is not anti-Semitic, whereas Wagner and many a Spaniard were.

There have been Jews in Persia since before there were Jews in Spain, and long before there were Jews in Germany.

It is all very complicated...


  1. When you say that Ahmedinejad is not anti-Semitic, you're clearly using the term in a highly specific and technical sense, which is unconnected to his attitude to Jews.

  2. He is not hostile to Jews. He is just critical of Israel. Though not to the extent of opposing a peace deal - he has in the last couple of days repeated for the umpteenth time that that is the Palestinians' business.

    You are not now going to get your nuclear war against a country for daring to be independent politically and culturally, and for daring not to love Israel more than itself. Deal with it.

  3. Not exactly an unbiassed source.

    I think that that bit at the start, where he "says" that there are Iranian nuclear weapons, is just a little bit of a giveaway.

    Thankfully, there is no longer a President of the United States beholden to the people who peddle this sort of drivel.