Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bury This

“Our children will be in poverty for decades to come,” announced David Cameron.

Er, yours won’t, Dave. There isn’t even a mortgage on any of your three houses.

And do you really not know that there were no unburied dead during the Winter of Discontent? Either you don’t, making you too ill-informed for office. Or you do, making you too dishonest for office.


  1. Why did you delete some comments from here?

  2. They were facetious and an abuse of public funds. I'd tell the people posting them to get back to work, but they don't have any to do.

  3. You see, David, you dared to criticise Cameron, so the Blairites in Exile came out in force against you.

    Stand firm. Some of us want to talk about serious matters. I read the first comment that you deleted. Let just say that he was not as clever as he thought he was. God knows what would have become of him if there had still been grammar schools.

  4. And they are still at it.

    Perhaps it is time for another Challenge, like the BDJ Challenges of old?

    Taking only today's posts, what do you know about the role of Irish Nationalists in the 1979 No Confidence vote, or about Alan Paton, or about Helen Suzman, or about Mosadegh and his dealings with Britain, or about the Rebbe of Lubavitch, or about the bombing of the King David Hotel?

    What's that you say? Nothing?

    Well, f*ck off, then.

  5. Mark, why do you sound exactly like David?

  6. I can't speak for Mark, but insofar as we sound alike, it is because that is what grown-ups sound like. Not that you'll ever know.

    Further off-topic comments will not be put up.

  7. On topic - do you believe that anyone who is ever wrong about something is unfit for public office?

  8. Someone who can't even get something as basic as this right is, yes.

    Admittedly the least of our worries where Cameron's fitness is concerned, of course.

  9. Glad to see someone trying to take on this old chestnut. A fortnight between death and burial in the deep English winter is not unusual or unfeasible. And that was how long the gravediggers' dispute lasted.

    No one, no one at all was "left unburied". If so, then what ever happened to them? Did they have to wait until Maggie got in, in May? Or are they still in some morgue somewhere?

  10. An abuse of public funds?

  11. Of course. Who do you think they are? It's not hard to tell.

    Anyway, back on topic.