Friday, 24 April 2009

Gurkha Justice

Not only should old Gurkhas have an absolute right to live and be naturalised in the United Kingdom, but (an even more pressing need) serving and former Gurkhas' children should be charged only home student fees by universities here. When is that going to happen? Why hasn't it happened already?

Jacqui Smith, over to you.


  1. John Denham, surely.

  2. And him.

    But she's the main one on this.

  3. I dont really understand the fuss. I dont actually see the difference between illegal immigration and the colonialism of France, Spain, Britain, Portugal and others.
    Turning up uninvited in a countryis obviously rude. Doing so at the point of a gun seems very rude indeed.
    I think all persons from the former Empires should have automatic right of entry into all their former "mother countries".
    Obviously there are doing so to better their OWN lives.....the same motivation of France, Spain, Britain, Portugal etc.
    The sauce for the colonial goose is sauce for the post colonial gander.