Friday, 17 April 2009


Yes, the SNP's saltire-based loyalty scheme is just a gimmick. How is independence coming along, Alex? After all, that is what your party is for. Isn't it?

But politicians of whom such a thing was not the sole point (or, if not, then they don't have one) could and should pursue, both on a national basis and at local level, both national and local produce. In food production as in everything else, those are the levels that really exist. There is no Scottish, or English, food production or distribution system as such, although food production does seem to matter more to the Scots than to the English, and good for the Scots.

Insisting on locally sourced food if possible, then British-sourced food, and only then anything else, in schools, or hospitals, or whatever? Isn't that against EU law? Well, no one on the Continent has noticed if it is. They would never dream of not doing this sort of thing, nor should they.

And anyway, all that died last month, when the French Government rightly insisted that a company which it owns relocate production from another EU member-state back to France, and rightly told the European Commission to stick it.

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