Thursday, 30 April 2009

Roll of Honour

These are the Labour MPs who voted for the Gurkhas:

Dianne Abbott
Ian Cawsey
Harry Cohen
Jeremy Corbyn
Paul Farrelly
Mark Fisher
Neil Gerrard
Kate Hoey
Kelvin Hopkins
Joan Humble
Glenda Jackson
John McDonnell
Shona McIsaac
Andrew Macinlay
Gordon Marsden
Bob Marshall Andrews
Julie Morgan
Nick Palmer
Stephen Pound
Nick Rainsford
Andy Reed
Linda Riordan
Alan Simpson
Andrew Smith
Paul Truswell
Keith Vaz
Mike Wood

Plus Robert Wareing.

Much talk today of Baroness Lumley if Cameron gets in. But why wait for that? After all, is she a Tory? Very few showbusiness people are. And in this cause, her main alliance has been with the Lib Dems. I suspect that she's an Old Liberal who would sit as a Cross Bencher. Bring her in, say I.


  1. Yes Lady Lumley......but not Lord Gates or Lord Skinner.
    Of course very few Tory show biz types will be eligible for the Lords.....being as they have all threatened to leave Britain over 50% tax "hike". Patriots.
    So no Lord Caine then.
    But in December 2010 William Roache will be 50 years in Coronation Street and Cameron will be in Downing Street.
    We need more folks with traditional Tory values.
    Lord Dodd of Knotty Ash.
    Lord Jim Davidson????

  2. Showbiz types, including actors, have been ennobled. And Lumley has proved herself one of the most effective campaigners in the country.

    I have a prior engagement tonight, so won't see Frank Skinner on Question Time. He might be good.

  3. And three cheers for most of them.
    Stephen Pound and Bob Marshall Andrews especially.
    But Harry Cohen.
    He has an interesting take on "Second Homes" Allowance.....
    an undeserving name on any Roll of Honour.
    And dont let me mention Kate Hoey.

  4. What's wrong with Kate Hoey? Monarchist, Unionist, Eurosceptic, anti-Trident (I think), anti-war, votes with the unions when they oppose the Government, pro-countryside, anti-drugs, voted against further deregulation of drinking and gambling - Good Thing.

    But where was the man to whom she was once PPS, Frank Field? I'll have to check if he abstained. I expect so.

  5. Kate abortion.
    And wishing to extend same to "Northern Ireland".
    You can be remarkably selective in your hero worship.
    ....and she hates Manchester United.

  6. Oh, I didn't say that she was perfect.

    But compared to most pro-abortion MPs who wish to extend abortion to Northern Ireland, a monarchist, Unionist, Eurosceptical, anti-Trident, anti-war, pro-countryside, anti-drugs, pro-Gurkha MP who votes with the unions when they oppose the Government, and who voted against further deregulation of drinking and gambling, does at least have some things to be said for her.

  7. While some of those issues are clearly "moral" (being anti-war, anti-drugs)and of course she has a lower threshold on the immorality of alcohol than I do ...on the great moral issue of abortion she is not (literally) on the side of the angels.
    Her attitudes to unionism, monarchy and Europe are irrelevant to her "goodness". These are of course POLITICAL matters.
    It would be absurd to suggest that being any of those makes her more moral than you and me who are anti abortion.
    You also seemed to have selectively overlooked her Marxist past.
    I also assume you have never had the dubious pleasure of being in the same room as Ms Hoey.

  8. Lot of serial Labour rebels - but then, they are right to rebel, even if they are not always joined by liberals and Tories.