Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Our Friends In Tripoli?

So that poor man can now serve his sentence in Libya? He shouldn’t be serving it at all. He didn’t do it. Everyone knows that.

We needed Syria on side in the first Gulf War, so we blamed Libya instead. Libya later needed us (or, at least, the Americans) on side, so Gaddafi played ball and handed over this innocent man, just as he later did and pretended to have dismantled a WMD programme which had never existed in the first place.

Alliance with Libya, run by the Gaddafis and where at least a third of the population subscribes to the Sanusi synthesis of Wahhabism and popular Sufism, is either irrelevant or positively pernicious, depending on how you look at it.

Whereas alliance with Syria – run by an erstwhile London doctor and with a huge, very well-integrated Christian population – is an urgent priority.

However, there can be no alliance with Syria while this great wrong remains unrighted.

Though not for that reason alone, that righting cannot possibly come too soon.


  1. Gadafi opens economy to transnational companies - he's a good guy! Gas & oil at knockdown prices!

    Stubborn Syrians are not as open for western business - we can guess the rest...