Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Why Romney Won Michigan

He promised a federal rescue of the motor industry. And why not?

Take note, objectors to the nationalisation of Northern Rock and to other such uses of State power in the economy (well, except to benefit farmers, private schools, nuclear power...).

Not least, take note from the backs of your chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces, the products of a great British company which your own party saved by taking it into public ownership, and which would not now exist if that had not been done. When the State ran the British motor industry, there was one.


  1. Allow me to quote you in print (on the Telegraph blog), David:

    "It really does look like you're losing the argument on both sides of the Atlantic: the neo-Whigs are on the way out, and the conservatives are coming back, determined to harness the full power of the State in order to conserve and restore national sovereignty, family life, local variation, and so much else besides."

    Why aren't you Prime Minister, David? Why?

  2. Funny how the Democratic Party managed to punish Michigan in a way that helped the Clintons. Is that what the word Democratic means in this context?

  3. Anonymous - unfortunately, yes.

    Bill Clinton would never help out car workers like this, of course. He gave American manufacturing NAFTA and GATT instead. And this is nothing but his third candidacy.