Wednesday, 30 January 2008

You Know Who You Are

I have allowed one comment from "break dancing jesus" today, bitter though it is and questionable though are his claims to be "working-class" and anything more than a nominal "Catholic" (although I'll grant him rural and Northern). Indeed, the prolier-than-thou bit is actually absurd.

But his other effort was unprintable and downright vicious. He knows that I know who he is; it could not be more obvious. I have very few enemies, but they are enemies indeed. Always unlikeable and unliked, several have pursued me obsessively for years on end, always convinced that I am doing the same thing (as if they were that important!) and that they are not really doing it at all. What can I say, I rub sociopaths up the wrong way.

Perhaps the most notable thing about them is they always occupy positions to which they know that they are not properly entitled. I am never the only other person who knows this. I rarely, if ever, remark on it. Yet they always seem to regard me as the threat that, more is the pity, seldom or never exists in actual fact.

So take note, bdj, I know your sort of old. (For that matter, I know you of old.) And if you are going to make remarks about people's families, then we might start with yours, such as your use of one of them as your violent enforcer, or your use of another's place on the payroll of a municipal body (soon to be abolished, so there) to have it wrong me publicly. Just for a start.

You might think that you are Tony Soprano. You might sometimes act as if you were. But you are very small fry indeed compared to what I have had to deal with in my time. And I have dealt with them. So back off.


  1. What are you talking about?

  2. Are you sure? It all seems rather well-written for him. It's still quite badly written, but it's better than he'd have managed.

    It's his fake Geordie accent that I find most amusing, along with his pretence at being interested in football. And did you know that his Facebook profile picture shows him wearing a hoodie! Who does he think he's kidding?

    He is really our very own Henry Conway, except even more camp, even more arrogant, and even more oozing with privilege. And he's actually started to look a bit like Tony Soprano.