Monday, 21 January 2008

The Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation?

A comment on a previous post kindly informs me:

Observer readers outside London should know that the old gulag-denier Cohen, who used to call all critics of the USSR "Trotskyists", has already used his Evening Standard column to endorse his friend Bullingdon Boris the racist.

Might this evening's Dispatches, albeit on Channel Four (and for which I am going to have to catch the digital repeats of Corrie AND EastEnders - greater love hath no man), be discussed on this evening's Newsnight? I will be watching in order to find out, and specifically in order to see whether the Beeb is also aboard the Boris bandwagon.

Speaking of Newsnight, Nick Cohen's anti-Livingstone article was a copy and paste job from material put out by Policy Exchange, which was recently exposed on Newsnight as a forgers' den. Presumably, the Dispatches programme will be just the same. We shall see.

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