Monday, 21 January 2008

"Uneducated Unemployables"

A person who offensively posts here as "break dancing jesus", usually to claim that I write all my own comments (I do not), has this to say about the idea of increasing working-class representation in public life:

You can take the boy out of the Labour Party but you can't take the Labour Party out of the boy.

School/hospital/whatever governing bodies are "too middle-class" is the old old code for "I the upper-middle-class councillor (and if you're not then I don't know who the hell is) will make myself look like a man of the people by giving every position that any alternative might come from to uneducated unemployables who can't believe their luck and can't possibly threaten my position".

So there we have it - the authentic, and horribly unsurprising, New Labour view of the mere suggestion of including the working class.

Can you name "break dancing jesus"? Do you know a bdj of your own? Do tell.


  1. The son of man is right on this one. He was explaining his thinking to me down the pub the other day.

    You seem to be a bit like Lenin. A middle class twit who is obsessed with using a workers revolution to achieve world domination.

  2. First I'm David Hume and now I'm Lenin!

    If you were a regular reader of this blog, then you would know that no one is more opposed than I both to violent revolution (at least in Britain and very many other countries) and to world domination.

  3. Never heard of "break dancing Jesus".

    Have heard of "Kung-Fu" Jesus though!

  4. David and I went to school together. I consider he and I to be of the same stock. My dad was a steelworker. Thatcher closed the steelworks. Dad retrained at the local Polytechnic (now a University). His student grant kept four kids alive till he could earn again. Mine and David's was the first generation from our community to go to University en masse because there was no meaningful employment otherwise (and no meaningful student grant either- thanks again Tories/New Labour!) So that makes us middle class twits?

    P.S. Jesus didn't breakdance. It was David. Read your bible.

  5. I am a first generation university graduate.

    My paternal grandfather had several jobs, but appears on my father's birth certificate as a potato merchant (and my paternal grandmother as a housewife). My maternal grandfather was a printer and my maternal grandmother was a midwife.

    All that I can say to people who think that I am posh or upper-middle-class is that I certainly wasn't regarded like that at university!

  6. "No one is more opposed than I to violent revolution (at least in Britain and very many other countries)"

    A slightly surprising claim, given that a few months ago you were calling for the British army to mutiny in order to overthrow the elected government.

  7. Not at all. I simply called on them to do what they have sworn to do and defend liberty under the Crown.

    They have no more obligation than that to the mere government of the day, which to call "elected" is to presuppose an electoral alternative, as is simply not the case in Britain at present, where a single entity trades under the misappropriated names of three parties and their underlying political traditions.

    In any case, we don't elect governments. We elect Parliament.

    And not a shot needed to have been fired: if the Forces had brought themselves back from Afghanistan and Iraq, then the sight of them doing so, and marching through the streets past the cheering crowds, would have been enough to bring down the Political Class that wants to steal our liberties, and which accordingly wants to abolish the Crown that guarantees them not least by the fact that soldiers, sailors, airmen, Police Officers and others are sworn to the monarch and not to any politicians collectively or politician individually.

  8. So MI5 was totally justified in trying to undermine Harold Wilson as their loyalty was only to the Crown?

  9. It wasn't. It should have been, but it wasn't. It was to the CIA, a situation comparable to that of the British necons today, although even the CIA is at least an official arm of any state, even if not of this one, unlike the PNAC and AEI.

    Wilson was of course the elected Leader of the Labour Party, which had won a General Election with him as Leader. Brown, on the other hand,...

    Nor was Wilson himself an agent of a foreign power, not even paid, but actually doing it for free. Such voluntary agents now run Britain.