Monday, 28 January 2008

B This, B That

There are worse MPs than Derek Conway, but I suppose he's brought it on himself. However, note how the Cameron-supporting BBC has made a point of mentioning his - vindicated - accuser's BNP membership. I am proud to be an old enemy, and continuing local bogeyman, of the BNP. But why does this membership matter in this context? It doesn't. And would the Beeb have helped out a Labour MP like that these days? It wouldn't.


  1. I knew you'd spot this. I have another issue with how it was reported though. The BBC in the past has avoided giving a platform to the BNP. Now one of its members has a valid point. When introduced as a BNP member this gives them the legitimacy attatched to that point. So when I hear that it's the BNP who are exposing corruption and the waste of taxpayers money to fnd MP's children through degree courses I might go out and vote for them. The BBC also told us that Michael Barbrooke (the complainant) stood against Conway in the last election, hinting of ulterior motives for the complaint. Not the best reporting ever. But at least it takes the spotlight off the decent Alan Johnson and his little donations problem.

  2. All hail the uber-uber-blogger David Lindsay. Late yesterday afternoon you posted this here, and then copied and pasted it onto a couple of Westminster blogs. No one else seems to have mentioned it. But by the evening news the BNP reference was gone.

    Don't you ever dare criticise the "uber-bloggers" again. None of the has remotely that sort of clout. You are Sky News to their BBC - everyone reads them, but everyone who matters also reads you. And they seem to take you more seriously. Why might that be?

    Lower middle class regional outsider my arse!