Friday, 25 January 2008

Laying Down The Laws

David Laws, a Catholic, was forthright in his defence of church schools on Question Time last night. Good for him. How many secular public schools are there?

And we all know that the real objection to "faith schools" is that Catholic ones have been so good at, according to the old Christian Brothers' maxim, "taking the sons of dockers and turning them into doctors".

The professions, and thus the places where professional people live, now contain any number of people originally from Scotland, the North, the Midlands and the less salubrious parts of the South, with working-class grandparents or even parents, and with Irish great-grandparents. Where will it all end, Your Pollyness The Toynbee?

So Laws's own Lib Dems have a party policy of abolishing "faith schools". Where does that leave him? And isn't it time that people knew this policy to be the case?

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