Sunday, 20 January 2008

Hillary The Hispanic

First Jorge Bush, promoter of illegal immigration in order to shore up his Hispanic base, itself the key source of cheap labour to undercut the black and white English-speaking working class. And now Bill Clinton’s Wife, apparently as beloved of the Latinos as her husband was (inexplicably) of the blacks.

Those black leaders still paying court to the Clintons should consider what it is about BCW that makes her so attractive to those who have come to take away their own flocks’ jobs (such as have managed to escape being sent south by NAFTA or CAFTA), to drive down their wages and working conditions, to oppress them yet further by means of government bilingualism, and to do exactly the same to their white neighbours.

Not that Obama, with his zero connection to the Civil Rights Movement, offers them any cause for hope. Is he planning on ever saying anything with any specific meaning, one wonders?

No, John Edwards should announce right now the Civil Rights leader who is to be his running mate, as well as the drastic action that he intends to take against illegal and/or excessive immigration, against “free” trade, and in favour of English as the only official language of the United States severally and collectively.

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