Saturday, 19 January 2008

Galloway The Muslim?

Within the last three minutes (while talking about the Dalai Lama), George Galloway has declared both that "I don't believe that any man is God" and that "I'm deeply suspicious of anybody whose followers believe that he is God". He has certainly come (or gone) a long way since he was a columnist on Flourish, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Glasgow.


  1. I think he meant living man, i.e. George's view is consistent with Christianity

  2. To clarify this issue, I e-mailed George Galloway and got a v. quick reply (especially bearing in mind it is a Sunday morning).

    George Galloway replied that he agreed with my interpretation (i.e. he meant "living man").

    p.s. On a personal comment, having listened to hundreds of hours of the TalksSport show, George does support the three ‘religions of the book’ – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. He makes a point of not advocating that one is better than the others. Just as well bearing in mind the levels of trouble we have in the world.