Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Heartbeat Away

Why would anybody want to be the new JFK? In the same length of time as that between his inauguration and his assassination, his successor got vastly more done.

Johnson is (deservedly) looked at askance because of Vietnam. But he was great bread-and-butter, Civil Rights President at home. Whereas Kennedy, who started the Vietnam War, played about with trying to put a man on the moon and such like. When Johnson inherited that project and it finally came to ought, the only discovery was what anyone could have guessed (or observed) anyway: there is nothing on the moon.

Which brings us to the sad withdrawal of John Edwards, mercilessly punished by the corporate media for beating Hillary Clinton in Iowa. The New Kennedy should offer the New (And Better) Johnson the Vice-Presidential nomination immediately.

And John McCain should offer it, not to Giuliani, but to electorally the much more successful Mike Huckabee. The Vice-Presidency is separately elected, and a McCain-Giuliani ticket might very well face an Evangelical Vice-Presidential alternative.

Still, that might have the advantage of putting Edwards a heartbeat away from the Oval Office certainly occupied for only one term, if he even lasts that long, by McCain. We live in hope.

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