Sunday, 20 January 2008

President Blair?

A referendum on the Lisbon Treaty would only deliver a Yes vote after three or four works of eye-wateringly biased BBC coverage and publicly funded “information” through every letter box. Parliament should just throw it out without any need of a referendum.

But I hope that nobody still doubts that European federalism an American-sponsored project (as has in fact been the case since the Forties) and specifically a key aspect of neoconservatism. That should have been made clear once and for all by the appointment of the present rabidly “free”-marketeering and pro-Bush President of the Commission, complete with the neocon’s standard background as an unrepentant Marxist (in his case, an unrepentant Maoist – yes, Maoist!).

But for anyone who still hasn’t got the message, there is now no doubt whatever that, should the position of President of the EU ever be created, then its first holder will be Tony Blair. That it should be the Prime Minister who kept a large member-state out of both Schengen and the Euro may seem ridiculous. But that is what the Americans want. So that is what would happen.

Still, if there must be such a President, then I suggest something collective, as in Switzerland. Each of the recognised pretend-parties in the European “Parliament” should elect one, and each of them should have the right to veto anything passed only by Qualified Majority Voting, unless that veto be overturned unanimously by the Council of Ministers.

Not only would this bring practically all EU legislation to an end and thus force the matters in question to be addressed at national level. But several of the Presidents would be such obviously objectionable figures that the whole arrangement, by exposing the nature of those to whose legislative will the EU subjects the peoples of 27 ostensible democracies, would enormously increase popular opposition to that subjugation, which is itself the whole point of the EU.

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