Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Fightback Starts Here

The decision to return a kidnapped baby to his mother is the story of the day, maybe of the week, maybe of the month, and maybe of the year. I wish her every success in her civil action against those responsible. In April, the target for working-class children to be taken from their brood mares and farmed out to New Labour stalwarts will finally be abolished. But until today, I had assumed that things would nevertheless carry on as before. Now, though, I am not so sure.

It is of course far easier to place babies for adoption. But the powers that be, now effectively an occupying power in disenfranchised working-class communities (as throughout the countryside, for example), need to make up their minds. Do they want childless couples to able to adopt babies whose parents cannot (as there will always be some who cannot) take care of them? Or do they want most women of childbearing age to be poisoning themselves in order to be available for the constant sexual gratification of men, and one in three to undergo at least once a very highly invasive form of surgery which is nevertheless now literally more common than having a tooth pulled? They cannot have both.

More specifically, do they want ethnic minorities and the working class to be (as has always been both the intention and the effect) aborted, contracepted and sterilised out of existence, thereby killing off the electoral base of the Left? Or do they want those groups to provide a regular supply of infants for allocation to their voluntarily sterile betters?


  1. Come on David. You may be being deliberatley provocative, but spare a thought for the child protection social worker with an average career of 2-3 years, a huge caseload because there are unfilled positions in her department, no experience because anyone with any leaves and those ridiculous government targets of which you speak. I have some experience advocating for young people in care, but then my post was brought within social services itself and I felt I had to leave. The worker in this case made a terrible error with lifechanging consequences, but the courts have now placed the child with foster parents until the mess is sorted, so the original decision is somewhat vindicated, although lack of due process is inexcusable.

    You will be unsurprised to hear that I give thourough assent to your thoughts on the pill and abortion, and it's about time that such views were heard both on and outside this blog.

  2. See my friend Ann Farmer's Prophets and Priests: The Hidden Face of the Birth Control Movement (London: The Saint Austin Press, 2002; ISBN 1 901157 62 8).