Wednesday 22 February 2023

With Bite

Today, I became, to the best of my knowledge, the only convicted international terrorist ever to have scored 100 per cent on a Prevent qualification. I have certificates, and everything. Not bad on a day of fasting and abstinence. I do not know what that poor bus driver must have thought when I said, "Goodnight, have a good night." I needed to eat. Ash Wednesday, so no meat. Plateau de fruits de mer, and then Lobster Thermidor. The homard à la parisienne will have to wait until Good Friday, since I am mortifying the body to purify the soul. Herewith, the face that strikes terror into the hearts of the Deep State.

Again I say that Prevent is based on a proven hoax. And I bring you the news that in order to be certified competent in it, then you are required, among other things, to identify the only accurate or reliable sources of information from a set list as being the BBC and an advertisement for toothpaste. The State cannot be wrong, the corporations cannot be wrong, and there is no meaningful distinction between the two, to the point of branding everyone else a liar, a form of violence that is likely to incite worse forms against divergence from this merger of state and corporate power. There is a word for that.


  1. These courses are run in schools, it's chilling.

  2. Prevent has now been conclusively shown to be a Far Left organisation which doesn't look into most radical Islamists but does include on its list of dangerous "Far Right" extremists such deadly threats as... Jacob Rees-Mogg, Douglas Murray and Rod Liddle. It's utterly laughable.

    "Britain's 'woke' counter-terror strategy linked former Tory Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg to extremists, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Mr Shawcross's review revealed that training material for a workshop about the 'Extreme Right Wing' profiled Nigel Farage's Reform UK, and included 'pro-Brexit and centre-Right commentators'. Those on the course were handed an essay by the left-wing Hope Not Hate campaign group which flagged up columns by Douglas Murray at the Spectator, Rod Liddle at the Sunday Times and Melanie Phillips on the Times. ""

    You couldn't make it up.

    1. That has always been entirely correct about Douglas Murray, while Melanie Phillips has been getting markedly worse for some years now.

  3. If counterterrorism and all that finally are bringing you on board then not before time, you've been right about the Far Right for at least five years,

    1. Oh, for a lot longer than that. But that article was written when, as it set out, the Far Right was at the heart only of the governing body, with the murderer of Jo Cox have close and longstanding ties to Cabinet Ministers. But it is now at the heart of the Official Opposition as well. Dark times.

  4. Peter Hitchens wrote about this and the politicised decision to reject evidence Thomas Mair was severely mentally ill: “Most people would probably agree that the most pressing danger of terrorism in modern Britain comes from fanatical Islamists, followers of Islamic State or Al Qaeda. But, as Mr Shawcross notes, Prevent has something close to an obsession with what it calls ‘Right-wing extremism’. Mr Shawcross looked at reports from Prevent’s Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) and found ‘one RICU analysis product from 2020 on Right-wing terrorist and extremist activity online which referenced books by mainstream British conservative commentators as “key cultural nationalist ideological texts”. The same document listed “key texts” for white nationalists as including historic works of the Western philosophic and literary canon’.
    Another RICU document ‘listed a prominent Conservative politician (Jacob Rees-Mogg) and former member of the government as being among figures “associated with far-Right sympathetic audiences, and Brexit” ’.

    The keystone of this wobbly arch of ‘Right-wing extremism’ is the miserable figure of Thomas Mair, who murdered the much-loved and much-missed Jo Cox MP during the 2016 referendum campaign.
    The criminal justice system, increasingly infiltrated by Leftist dogma, seems to have resolved that Mair was a political actor, to the exclusion of anything else.

    Plainly Mair did the savage crime and ought to be locked up. But it matters greatly what he is locked up for. This was a man who went about the streets wearing Marigold gloves and tried to wash his own skin with Brillo pads. ITV news reported on November 23, 2016, that ‘Mair suffered from mental health issues for much of his life and had volunteered with a mental health charity near his home in Birstall.

    But details of his health records were ruled inadmissible at his trial after the judge said his mental health was not relevant to the murder of Jo Cox’.

    How can it not have been relevant? There is, in fact, scant evidence that Mair had been in touch with any political group, though he seems to have bought and perhaps read some Neo-Nazi publications.
    Crazy people often attach themselves to political causes, or to major religions, to make themselves seem more important. But we are wise if we do not take this too seriously.”

    1. Most people would probably agree that the most pressing danger of terrorism in modern Britain comes from fanatical Islamists, followers of Islamic State or Al Qaeda.

      They very well might, but they do not know what they are talking about. As I wrote in the article kindly linked to above:

      “We are enduring the rehabilitation of Toby Young, who is a eugenicist of international importance, who is also a self-confessed sexual assailant and supplier of Class A drugs, and whose involvement in eugenics has made him an associate of Emil Kirkegaard, himself an advocate of the rape of drugged children.

      “Like Kirkegaard, Young is a stalwart of the world of the London Conference on Intelligence, the Ulster Institute for Social Research, and the Mankind Quarterly. Yet he was given a loud voice in education policy for many years, a major formal role in education was about to have been given to him, and he is even now being brought back into public life. I was proved right about [Harriet} Harman, and I am being proved right again.

      “The Ulster Institute for Social Research and the Mankind Quarterly are based at the perfectly respectable University of Ulster, while the London Conference on Intelligence is held at the world class University College London. One of our most prestigious seats of higher learning has been hosting the propagation of eugenics, attended by the man whom the Government had wanted to put in charge of the entire sector.

      “No British university is giving houseroom to Holodomor Denial, which does do the rounds. If any were, then we would never hear the end of it. Nor should we. Yet in this age of Toby Young, would you bet that none was providing a platform for Holocaust Denial, and that no one with a key policy role was turning up? If you would, then you are a fool, and you richly deserve to be parted from your money.”


      “Thomas Mair, the murderer of Jo Cox, described himself to the Police as “a political activist”, and so he was. National Fronts come and BNPs go, EDLs come and Britain Firsts go, but certain institutional and organisational manifestations of the Far Right are perennial, hitherto even permanent. Mair’s is the Springbok Club, which is run by the people who also run the London Swinton Circle. And that, in turn, was addressed by Liam Fox (born 1961) and by Owen Paterson (born 1956) as recently as 2014. Ah, those old 1980s Tory Boys, in their Hang Mandela T-shirts and all the rest of it. Wherever did they all end up?

      “In the Thatcher and, to a lesser extent, Major years, there were Ministers who were members of the Western Goals Institute or the Monday Club, which latter had played a key role in securing British accession to the EU. Those crossed over, via such things as the fiercely Eurofederalist League of Saint George, to overt neo-Nazism on the Continent, to the Ku Klux Klan, to apartheid South Africa, to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, to the juntas of Latin America, to Marcos and Suharto, to the Duvaliers, and so on. Nick Griffin’s father, Edgar, was a Vice-President of Iain Duncan Smith’s Leadership Campaign. He answered what was listed as one of its official telephone numbers (in his house) with the words “British National Party”. And now, we have Toby Young and the London Conference on Intelligence.

      I tried to tell you.”

      Educate yourself, dear boy. Educate yourself.

  5. Toby Young once joked about dressing as a woman to kiss lesbians and wrote about using sci-fi genetic embryo engineering to improve social mobility for poor children (which he was framing as a leftwing argument for social mobility) and that’s comparable to Islamic terrorists who’ve blown up concert arenas and tube trains and mowed down pedestrians in London Bridge? You sound like the leftwing loons of “Prevent” who think Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rod Liddle.

    There’s no evidence Thomas Mair had links to any political group. He was severely mentally ill, as Peter Hitchens notes above-but this was ignored and his case deliberately politicised and linked to Brexit by Far Left Remainers.

    The government needs to scrap Prevent.

    1. Oh, I quite agree with the last part. What a good Corbynista you have become. The years rolled back as I read that.

      Mental illness is hardly incompatible with neo-Nazism, and Thomas Mair was up to his neck in it. He was a very well-known figure in that world. There are photographs, and everything. In turn, the Swinton Circle, of which he was a stalwart, had links to the very highest levels of the then Government. The same party is still in office, and so are some of the same individuals.

      You don't get to whitewash Toby Young. Like the whole world of the London Conference on Intelligence and all that, he hid in plain sight for decades.