Monday 20 February 2023

Scrotes Deal

You do realise that Lee Anderson is not the Prime Minister, don't you? He is not a Minister at all. He is one of four Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. There are also four Vice Chairmen. The Chairman is a Minister without Portfolio. But none of those eight is even that.

As for Jonathan Gullis, apart from wondering how someone who had only previously been a teacher had come to be worth five million pounds in a little over three years as an MP, consider that this was the person to whom Ruth Smeeth, Baroness Anderson of Stoke-on-Trent, lost her seat before taking a peerage at the age of 43 rather than dare face him again at the ballot box.


  1. The outraged headlines "Lee Anderson says refugee charities 'worse than people-smugglers' and "Anderson defends death penalty support" show he's upset all the right people-the liberal elite. Anderson's the sort of working-class Red Wall right-winger that Labour used to have before the Blairite liberal Left took over.

    On capital punishment, two of Suella Braverman's recent Tory predecessors in her role-David Davis and Priti Patel-also support capital punishment. As does over half of the British people. So get over it, dears.

    The disgrace that, on this as so many other issues, Parliament does not more widely represent the view of the majority of British people.


  2. Hard to understand the fuss. As the facts show: “According to YouGov, more than half of Britons (55%) support the death penalty for cases of multiple murder, compared to just under a third (32%) who would oppose it in that instance”. Indeed as Peter Hitchens asked on Twitter this week “do anti capital punishment absolutists really think Israel was wrong to execute Adolf Eichmann?”

    So what’s the controversy about Lee Anderson? In taking this position, he is merely showing how unrepresentative the rest of our Parliament is on this issue.

    That’s why the liberal elite rail against “populism”-because it’s popular.

    1. And you are expecting Rishi Sunak to do what, exactly? Margaret Thatcher never made Peter Bruinvels, Geoffrey Dickens or Terry Dicks a Minister, so Sunak is hardly going to make Lee Anderson one. There is a long history of these jesters, and this one is far tamer than they used to be.