Sunday 5 February 2023

Hot Air

If you believe this balloon business, then you will believe absolutely anything. But if you pretend to believe it, then the sky will be your own limit politically, journalistically, or both.

And if you question it, then get ready to be banned from the Conway Hall, and to have the State threaten to bomb any public house that played host to you.

Anyway, who needs a balloon? The last I heard, China was supposed to have been spying on us all through our every electrical appliance and electronic facility. Everything above also applies to that, of course.

Considering how easy it supposedly was for China to launch its balloon of mass destruction, and how long it took the Americans to bring it down, then the war would already seem to be lost. Let us welcome our new inflatable overlords, and make the best of it.


  1. What a use of the F-22 stealth fighter.