Saturday 18 June 2022

Never A Priti Sight

Of course Priti Patel is evil, but what of it? Her Rwanda scheme is just a rehash of the last Labour Government's Tanzania scheme, which is why the Labour Party has only a financial and not a moral objection to it, and will not commit to discontinuing it.

Likewise, her plan to tag asylum-seekers was pioneered by David Blunkett. The first Home Secretary of my politically active lifetime was Michael Howard, and in the generation since they have all been the same. Perhaps they all have been since the creation of the office, and it is just in the nature of the job?

Just as there is no case for replacing Boris Johnson with Keir Starmer, who has been allowed two weeks to fill in a simple form about his flagrant criminality so that nothing could be announced before this Thursday's by-elections, so there is no case for the replacing Patel with the mass murderer that is Yvette Cooper, the Wicked Witch of the Work Capability Assessment. Whether as Prime Minister or as Home Secretary, why replace Myra Hindley with Ian Brady?

I have never previously advocated a vote for the Conservative Party at an election to the House of Commons, and I am sure that I should find such a vote extremely difficult to cast. In any case, where I live, I intend to contest every General Election for the rest of my life. The Labour candidate is probably going to win the Wakefield by-election "because at least he's not a nonce". But what if he did not, while the Liberal Democrat did win Tiverton and Honiton on the same night?


  1. Yes, this is just what Home Secretaries do.

    1. The position seems to exist to force the presence of at least one person like this in every Cabinet.