Friday 24 June 2022

Calmly And Without Rancour

The Rolling Stones have been the biggest band in the world for as long as there has been a biggest band in the world, but one day that will be someone else.

Whereas the House of Windsor has been the most famous family in the world for as long as there has been a most famous family in the world, and it always will be, entirely regardless of its constitutional status in this or any other country.

The republican windrush through the Caribbean makes it all the more imperative that the Windsors be given something to do other than becoming, as they very well might even in spite of themselves, a global lightning rod for Anglo-Saxon disaffection wherever and whenever there were disaffected Anglo-Saxons. 

One such better use would be as the personification of a Royal Prerogative that was in reality being exercised in the interests of economic equality and international peace. We might with great profit resume the direct appointment of Regius Professors, for a start. A British republic would be no more classless than Ireland, or France, or Germany, or Italy, or the United States.