Monday 27 June 2022

From Here To Maternity?

Such things as the lack of paid maternity leave existed in the United States throughout the time that Roe v. Wade was the law. Its overturning ought to be a spur to their introduction.

Imagine that the states without the fallback of abortion were to enact far more pro-family welfare and employment provisions than the states with abortion, where those provisions are also woeful as things stand. Much as they are in heavily aborted Britain, in fact.

But dream on. Churches are one thing, but state legislatures are controlled by the Republican Party, and while that does have some history of being relatively sound on such matters, those days were a long time ago. Rather than harness the power of the State in support of the family, then it will eventually, and quite soon, bring back abortion.

Say it again that these issues are also abysmally addressed in the blue states. What is all this blather about "woke capitalism"? Some of us have been telling you forever that that was just capitalism. The Democrats are one of its two parties in the United States. It has a lot more than two in Great Britain, which, arguably with the partial exception of Alba, also has no parliamentary party opposed to it.

They would be unable to name a country of which they remotely approved and where the abortion laws were determined by the courts rather than by elected politicians, but London's grand liberal commentators have a great deal to say about abortion on another continent. Yet they have either nothing positive, or nothing at all, to say about their compatriots who are striking for nothing more than wages that kept pace with price inflation.

Like a columnist on The Guardian or The Times, a Member of Parliament could not imagine living without a salary that went up by a lot more than that every year. Yet the Labour Party is preparing to discipline the handful of its MPs who had stood on picket lines, while the Liberal Democrats want to break the strikes by sending in the Army. Liberalism is not the Left. It just isn't.