Saturday 30 April 2022

Under The Viaduct

At Tiverton and Honiton, Labour is well behind the Conservatives, with the Liberal Democrats some way behind that. But the same was true at North Shropshire, which the Lib Dems took easily.

Anyone who voted Conservative in 2015 liked the Coalition, or did not dislike it enough to vote against it, while anyone who dislikes this Government on policy grounds has no reason to vote for Keir Starmer.

In Durham's heavily student Viaduct area, who photographed Keir Starmer partying at the window of the Miners' Hall? Why, it was James Delingpole's son, and thus Telegraph Group family to Boris Johnson.

Downing Street has known about this story the whole time, and it has allowed Starmer to hold forth week after week in the knowledge that it would strike at the right moment. Here we are.

There may well be more to come. All of the hotels were closed except to business travellers, so where did Starmer stay the night in Durham, 300 miles from his home? Electioneering is not work.


  1. Labour is falling apart.

    1. That should have happened over policy, but this will have to do.