Sunday 24 April 2022


Enough of Jean-Luc Mélenchon's supporters decided that Emmanuel Macron was the lesser evil. But he was not, and he is not; he is just a different evil, when he is even that. The same is true of Keir Starmer, and British elections do not have second rounds.

The Socialist and Communist Parties just need to die, since their very existence serves only to keep Marine Le Pen in the second round for the rest of her life, there to be defeated by the next Macron in line. 

But the Labour Party is even worse. Under First Past the Post, to which I am not opposed in principle and which in any case is never going to be replaced, it serves only to guarantee the Premiership to whoever can capture the Conservative Leadership at the given time.


  1. Macron has been reelected with only 38% of the eligible vote, the lowest proportion for a winning candidate since 1969.

    1. And in rather similar circumstances. C'est bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet. Now to make Mélenchon Prime Minister. No excuses.