Friday 22 April 2022


To offset any good that my daily constitutional might have done, I rounded it off with a pint. An old co-conspirator joined me, and I learned from that impeccable source that, having found none of my exes who was willing to be its candidate at North West Durham, the Labour Party nationally was now seeking to entice retirees from the House of Lords, who were apparently eligible to seek election to the House of Commons.

Think about that. People who will already have retired from the House of Lords are being offered this and that in order to, and I quote my friend here, "take one for the team, come second here if we can keep you off the ballot paper, third if we can't."

My interlocutor confirmed that the Constituency Labour Party had received absolutely no expressions of local interest, that no Peer had been found to take the bait, and that everyone was aware that I fully intended to run my campaign even if lawfare succeeded in preventing my candidacy. "You see our problem." "You do," I replied. "You're looking at him." We supped up.


  1. When (not if) Russia targets London we have only ourselves to blame for interfering in a nation that is ) historically within Russia's imperial (18327) sphere of influence and b) comprised of persons of whom we know even less than those we sort to protect in the 1930s. It is absolute folly

    1. But Russia has no means of attacking Britain, even if it wanted to. It cannot even conquer Ukraine.

  2. I don't know how you're still alive.