Wednesday 24 November 2021

Not Sitting Priti

This Hamas thingy, which may or may not damage aid work in Gaza and elsewhere but which will certainly not change the behaviour of Hamas in the slightest, does not disguise the fact that Priti Patel is worse than useless from the Channel, to Windrush compensation, to taking away people's British citizenship without even telling them.

Not that Labour would repeal that last one. Every empowerment of a Secretary of State is an empowerment of his or her successors, no matter who or what those successors may be. Governments never seem to understand that, even though Official Oppositions always do.


  1. She's had the migrant crisis taken off her and given to Steve Barclay.

    1. Who has been so successful at everything in the past.

      If Patel had any self-respect, or any grounds for such, then she would already have resigned over Barclay's appointment.