Monday 22 November 2021

A Party of Business?

The CBI, the CBI, says that prosperity must be distributed equally throughout the country, that that cannot be left to the free market, and that the failure to recognise that principle and to act on that fact has been disastrous for Britain over the last 40 years.

Labour was in any case never going to win the next General Election. It would have needed at least 45 per cent of the vote, and for the Conservatives to have taken no more than 33 per cent. But it is still notable that the pitch of Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves from well to the Government's right is far too Thatcherite for the CBI. 

Labour was healthily solvent when Starmer became Leader. But with union money now pretty much withdrawn, will it even exist as a going concern by the time of the next Election? The shortfall is clearly not going to be made up by business.


  1. Tomorrow's Times is dutifully gushing over Starmer at the CBI instead of Johnson at the CBI.

    1. The CBI isn't. It was well to the left of both of them, and that was what made them closer to Johnson than to Starmer.