Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Small Change UK

Apparently, it costs only £200,000 to bring a private prosecution for misconduct in public office. I am genuinely surprised at that. I had expected a figure five times that size.

£200,000 would be small change to the unions and others against the members and the senior staffers of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the very sore electoral base of the crashed and burned Change UK.

And how hard could it be to raise £200,000 against defendants including a former Director of Public Prosecutions? Alison Saunders must have even more enemies than her co-defendant, Simon Henig, but hers must have far more money quite literally lying around, should anyone be minded to go round and collect it.

Boris Johnson serves few useful purposes. But planting these seeds in the right minds may yet turn out to have been one of them.

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