Friday, 31 May 2019

Crucial and Telling

My friend has been back in touch, with what he calls, "a very telling series of exchanges between Emma Picken of LAAS and CAA and Adam Wagner (of the EHRC)." As he puts it:

Now, consider that this is Emma Picken, a non-Jew, giving Adam Wagner, a Jew, a very public dressing down on the issue of antisemitism.

If you dig into the series of exchanges it boils down to her flipping her lid because he was unwilling to accept that ANY criticism of Israel is antisemitic.

Whilst Wagner is a Zionist and Corbyn hater, he also has a mask he must wear in public to allow him to operate.

Emma Picken is such an absolute raving loon, she couldn't understand that there is a clear distinction between what Adam says in public, and what he really believes.

In private, they're both on the same page, Israel is sacrosanct, and to speak ill of it is unacceptable. 

The most crucial and telling Tweets are quoted below, and are at the time of this email still visible at the above link:

"Adam, why are you doing this? If I withdraw from the complaint against labour it collapses is that what you want?"

"Delete your thread. You have no idea how angry I am you've endorsed theis horseshit, and as you've just assisted with a complaint based very largely on my hard work, you need to urgently rethink." 

"Adam. I really think this series of tweets is the most disgusting thing I have ever read from a supposed ally. For a legal professional to endorse that sh*t is beyond contempt. Who's evidence did you think went into the EHRC complaint? That's right. Ours."

Something rotten is afoot. The initial preliminary investigation, and now this actual EHRC investigation, has been touted all over the media, and yet nobody outside of a small cabal of Zionist agitators has seen this evidence.

This scurrilous nonsense is being used to traduce Labour, and yet nobody seems to have actually taken a few minutes to see who is driving it, and ask what motivations they may have beyond those that they so loudly proclaim. 

Emma Picken is no friend of the Jewish community, she is an ally and fanatical supporter of ultra-Zionist Jews. Those Jews who disagree with her she will excoriate, threaten, and even accuse of antisemitism. 

It needs to be asked what power over Adam Wagner does Picken have, that she can bitchslap him all over Twitter, and he does nothing but grovel in apology?

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