Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Commission This

The Equality and Human Rights Commission whitewashed, so to speak, the record of the Government on the Windrush Scandal.

But it is thoroughly annoyed at the failure of Change UK, for which every one of its members and senior staff will have voted, to win even so much as one seat. So here it comes against Jeremy Corbyn.

Here it comes, on the orders of the Israeli Embassy, by which it is controlled. Against Jeremy Corbyn, with whom at least one of those members, Adam Wagner, is completely obsessed.

I have thought for years that if Corbyn really did have the Irish, Middle Eastern and other connections that were routinely suggested, then all sorts of people would have been visited at home by now.

Perhaps the members and senior staff of the EHRC really do need to be paid a few social calls? That would sharp bring this, publicly funded, nonsense to an end.

The Boys might usefully begin with Adam Wagner.

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