Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Let's Get This Party Started

The Brexit Party did not take 49,687 votes in County Durham, or sweep the board from South Yorkshire to South Wales, by being Thatcherite. Yet its General Election manifesto will no doubt be precisely that.

In any case, it has already sold out by giving up on its one existing policy, that of a Clean Brexit, in favour of an incompatible demand for a role in negotiating the terms of a Dirty Brexit.

A General Election could come at any moment, and it will have to come at some point. It will certainly result in another hung Parliament, and we need our people to hold the balance of power.

Therefore, we need £150 to register a party of family values through full employment and strong public services, and of international peace through national sovereignty. We already have a name, but the likes of Oliver Kamm would hijack it if we let it be known before registration.

A crowdfunding page will be set up in the next few days, Crown Prosecution Service or no Crown Prosecution Service, and Adam Wagner or no Adam Wagner. But we need only £150, so if anyone were in a position to give that directly (this would not need to be declared publicly), then please email Very many thanks.

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