Monday, 12 March 2018

Whiteface Clowns

"This, then, is the new internationalism. A selective relationship with the rest of the world, controlled and dictated by a powerful European bloc. And what kind of internationalism is it that says that henceforth this country must give priority to a Frenchman over an Indian, a German over an Australian, an Italian over a Malaysian? This isn’t the language of internationalism … it is Euro-jingoism."

So said Barbara Castle. Today is Commonwealth Day, and even those who have come to the realisation that the only purpose of the Commonwealth is to organise the Commonwealth Games, noble enough but hardly earth-shattering, can see that if it is to white faces that Vince Cable objects, then he had better steer clear of the Council of Ministers, which presumably he has attended in his time, and the European Parliament.

As a former Cabinet Minister, Cable is at least a relatively heavyweight politician to lead the anti-Brexit obsessives. There are scarcely the words for how bored most people are with the entire subject, but pro-Brexit obsessives must make do with ... well, with whom, exactly? No Conservative member of either House of Parliament is at all critical of Theresa May's complete sellout on fisheries and on a host of other issues. All eyes are now on Jeremy Corbyn and his deep anti-Fascist roots, going all the way back to how his parents met. For the EU, including the Customs Union, subjects us to the legislative will of everyone who turns up in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.

Including the supporters, not to say the angry former supporters, of Marine Le Pen. That Steve Bannon turned up to her conference indicates that their alliance is very real. I have been on the Far Right's radar for nearly 20 years, and yes, it does very badly want to keep me out of Parliament. It has intervened internationally in that cause at least once before. So, @ProudWhitePower, with Jayda Fransen out of the way, who is to be your candidate against me here at North West Durham?

That person cannot be the candidate of all of Britain First, the British National Party, the National Front, National Action, the Britannica Party, the British Democratic Party, Ulster Resistance, the Orange Volunteers, the Red Hand Defenders, the Real Ulster Freedom Fighters, the Springbok Club, the London Swinton Circle, the Conservative Monday Club, the League of St George, the London Conference on Intelligence, the Ulster Institute for Social Research, the Mankind Quarterly, Candour, Spearhead, Redwatch, Black House Publishing, Focal Point Publications (which is David Irving’s global nerve centre of Holocaust denial), Steve Bannon, Roy Moore, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache, Emil Kirkegaard, or Toby Young.

Yet none of those has denied the declared intention, of which they are all aware, to field someone against me as an absolutely priority. By my reckoning, there will have to be a Bannon-Le Pen candidate, a very Far Right candidate indeed, and candidate who pretends not to be on the Far Right at all, presumably Toby Young unless my erstwhile colleague on Telegraph Blogs is too afraid of a rematch.

I do not know, and perhaps nor does it, which of those is to be the candidate of @ProudWhitePower. But no matter what, bring it all the hell on.

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