Monday, 26 March 2018

In The Pockets

Two organisations, of one of which no one had previously heard but both of which turn out to be full of Conservative Party activists and donors, are colluding with a foreign state to interfere in the forthcoming local elections.

That is the story here. That, and their not unrelated attempt to remove the principal anti-war politician in the West as part of the Gadarene rush to war with Russia on absolutely no evidence whatever.


  1. After the customs union capitulation, Labour now “open to a second referendum.” The party is a complete joke. You have to ask whether all those Northern Leave voters (who nonetheless vote Labour) are a bit thick.

    1. Of course, the North is itching to vote for the (genuinely Brexit-blocking) party of Margaret Thatcher.

      No one votes based on Brexit. They just don't. On both sides, that is for toothy public schoolboys and people who bizarrely wish that they were.

      On topic, please.