Saturday, 24 March 2018

Tommy Robinson Watch: Day 14

Following the imprisonment of Jayda Fransen yesterday, @ProudWhitePower tweeted: "If #JaydaFransen is no longer legally eligible to be our parliamentary candidate here at North West Durham against @davidaslindsay, our candidate will be @TRobinsonNewEra. David Lindsay will be defeated. #BritainFirst"

Well, Jayda Fransen is indeed no longer legally eligible to be a parliamentary candidate. And Tommy Robinson, whose Twitter handle that certainly is, has not denied being her replacement as a candidate against me here at North West Durham.

Nor has endorsement of him in that capacity been denied by any of Britain First, the British National Party, the National Front, National Action, the Britannica Party, the British Democratic Party, Ulster Resistance, the Orange Volunteers, the Red Hand Defenders, the Real Ulster Freedom Fighters, the Springbok Club, the London Swinton Circle, the Conservative Monday Club, the League of St George, the London Conference on Intelligence, the Ulster Institute for Social Research, the Mankind Quarterly, Candour, Spearhead, Redwatch, Black House Publishing, Focal Point Publications (which is David Irving’s global nerve centre of Holocaust denial), Steve Bannon, Roy Moore, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache, Emil Kirkegaard, or Toby Young.

If any of those does deny endorsing Tommy Robinson, then he, she or it needs to explain which candidate for this seat enjoyed that support instead. Beating Robinson would be sweet. But beating both him and Toby Young, against whom I intend to make a formal complaint to the Charity Commission, would be sweeter than Tupelo Honey eaten while listening to Tupelo Honey.

This post will appear here every working day until there is anything to add to it.

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