Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Free At Last?

There was no mention of Russia at Prime Minister's Questions, as the subject is now too embarrassing to Theresa May for her to dare to plant questions about it. Kick out 23 undeclared intelligence officers whom she had let in to begin with, only to be not only seen, but raised the British Council, and the British Consulate in St Petersburg? I ask you! But there, apparently, it ends. Well, anything more would have bankrupted her party.

In any case, the claim that somehow Russia "must" have done has completely fallen apart. Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Jean-Claude Junker have all gone so far as to congratulate Vladimir Putin on his re-election. And none of the Salisbury Three has, you know, died. 17 days later. Seventeen days. Nor has anyone else, anyone else at all, shown any adverse effect whatever as a result of this attack. Some weapon of mass destruction, that. If whoever committed this act ever did intend to kill anyone, then it would have been more effective to have used a kitchen knife or a hammer.

Meanwhile, at least 29 people have been killed by a bomb in Kabul, since the Afghanistan that we "liberated" is being blown apart by the so-called Islamic State that results, in its very existence, from our "liberation" of Iraq. Better luck next time? Or dare we hope, after the last fortnight, that this time, there really is never going to be a next time?

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