Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Friend In Need

As the Member of Parliament for North West Durham, I would seek to work with a Labour, a Conservative, a Liberal Democrat and an Independent representative in each of the County Wards, ideally including someone in each of the former District Wards.

Those would communicate the concerns of local people to me, and then work with them and with me in order to address those concerns. It remains to be seen whether these positions could be paid, but I would certainly expect the holder of each of them to be issued with a parliamentary staff pass.

15 years to the month after he stole what was rightfully mine, Neil Fleming is unemployed. As an act of magnanimity, I am happy to offer him one of these positions, to be one of my pairs of eyes, ears and hands in, presumably, Lanchester, where he once chaired the Parish Council despite being only in his first full term on it at the time.

I am not joking. Neil, whom I have known since September 1989 and who later lived round the corner from me for many years, is not really on the Right of the Labour Party at all, deep down. He does have a background in this kind of thing. Other than a very brief sojourn at the County Council after university, he has only ever worked in politics, and he is now 41. What else is he going to do? I greatly look forward to hearing from him.

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