Thursday, 29 March 2018

Disclosure Watch: Day 26

A year after I was charged, I am due to stand trial on 11th April. The Crown has made no disclosure of the evidence that it intends to present.

On 6th December, it admitted outside court that the only such item had "been destroyed". In fact, it had never existed. The Police, against whom I have no complaint, state openly that they would not have charged me.

At the various stages of this process, the Crown has never been represented by the same barrister twice. Its barristers have always been in their twenties, and in each case they have clearly never seen the file before that day. The Bar regards this brief as professionally toxic.

It is now less than two weeks, including the Easter Weekend, until my trial date, but there has been no disclosure of any evidence against me, meaning that it is now impossible for me to receive a fair trial. There has never been any public interest to justify this prosecution, and there is no longer any pretence of an evidential basis to it, either. Demand that it be discontinued. This is your money. Demand it.

Until there is anything to add to this post, then it will appear here every day that the post is delivered.

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