Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Stranger That Is Within Thy Gates?

Immigration does account for why there are so many more young Muslims in Britain than there used to be, although there is also a fairly high conversion rate. But it is also why those with no religion in the 18-29 age range account for a mere 70 per cent of the total. The black-majority churches are thriving.

Moreover, both the Catholic Church and the Church of England, the latter to London (its only significant centre of growth) from the Anglican heartlands of Africa, are now heavily dependent on immigration for their survival in this country. Most White British youth could barely be described as atheists, since they have never even asked themselves the question. 

All of this has, of course, happened during the reign of the present Queen, that living saint of those who cleave to a more-or-less 1950s vision of Anglicanism, Presbyterianism or Methodism. Perhaps this post ought to have been entitled, "Put Not Your Trust In Princes"?

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