Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Keeping It Real

If this is a deadly nerve agent, then what must a non-deadly nerve agent be like? Does it actively bring the dead back to life?

Beyond the attempted, but not confirmed, production of Novichok in the former Soviet Union, and specifically in the Uzbekistan that has been allied to the West since the last century, what evidence has been produced to link Russia even to this thoroughly unsuccessful attack?

According to Jeremy Corbyn, Vladimir Putin is there, so we have to deal with him, including as a voice for those whom he has silenced in his own country.

On the first part of that, at least, it used to be the Tories who were the voices of realism and restraint. But now anyone who tries to be one is screamed down as a traitor.

Not only that, but they are screamed down by the people who are brazenly funded by what those same people claim is "the other side".

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