Monday, 12 March 2018

Sins of Commission

When are the Commissioners being sent into Northamptonshire? Why has that not happened already? But then, they have never been sent into Kensington and Chelsea, either. And Grenfell Tower was quite some time ago now. Nor were the Commissioners sent in when Haringey tried to bulldoze the blacks out of Tottenham, doubtless to build over its ruins a town called Triumph, like the one that was built over Sophiatown. 

And nor have the Commissioners been sent into Durham, where the unitary County Council has cut the pay of 472 Teaching Assistants by 23 per cent, meaning that their salary for full-time work with children is now lower than the Councillor's Allowance, while faking a death threat against dozens of Councillors in order to pin the blame on me and thus to keep me off the Council.

Oh, well, as of today, it is less than a month until my trial date (tomorrow will be the anniversary of my arrest), but there has been no disclosure of any evidence against me, so it is now impossible for me to receive a fair trial. Durham County Council has caused this colossal waste of public money on both sides. As in Northamptonshire, send in the Commissioners.

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