Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cold, Hard Facts

As this coal-rich country prepares to run out of gas, it is also preparing to roll out the red carpet for Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

All of the Oil Wars can be traced back to the defeat of the miners, and there are more being planned. This is why we have to suck up to Saudi Arabia, even to the point of bringing back slavery in Libya, even to the point of backing Al Qaeda in Syria, and even to the point of arming, and more than arming, the genocide in Yemen.

As to gas, in general, the more deals with the BRICS countries, the better. But we should still be digging our own coal, since we have more than enough of it. Alongside lots of nuclear power stations, publicly owned and fully unionised like the pits.

Alongside an inquiry into Orgreave. And alongside the statutory annulment of all convictions and other adverse court judgements arising out of the three Miners' Strikes since 1970. If anything, the miners deserve medals. They fought to save this country's sovereignty, national security, heat and light. They were right. No one can any longer deny it.


  1. More nuclear - you are quite right. Each town should have a mini submarine sized reactor - plenty of power. That and localised coal power stations and stop the windmills they cost more to build than they ever generate (did you know that)