Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Right Choice

Beginning today, the Morning Star is being given away for free for a week, leading up to the General Election.

Heaven knows how they are paying for this, but it is very much a sign of the times that they can. If print is dead, then someone needs to tell them. And George Osborne.

Among other people. This weekend, we shall test the mettle of Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchens.

Their future credibility on foreign policy depends on their endorsement of the candidate for Prime Minister who has opposed every one of the wars that they themselves have rightly excoriated.

That candidate also, and not unconnectedly, has a reasonable claim to be the Western world's most prominent critic of the alliance with Saudi Arabia, including our sale of arms to that country.

Of course, that would separate them from the Right once and for all.

But then, for at least 16 years now, the self-definition of the Right in the English-speaking world has been immediate and unconditional support for any war, and any accompanying erosion of civil liberties, that might happen to be suggested at any given time, with torrential and hysterical abuse of anyone who might dare to dissent.

For example, Jeremy Corbyn.

But not Donald Trump, whose true colours have become apparent as completely as they have immediately, to nobody's surprise.

By contrast, the Left has defined and organised itself specifically against these things, an organisation that culminated in the election and re-election of Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.

Or, at any rate, that has been its culmination so far.

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