Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Apologists For Terror, Indeed

The Bomb Iran Brigade, that is.

Someone just has bombed Iran, and in exactly the same interest as our own Government and our own Labour coup-plotters long to do so.

That interest is not Israel, or at least not primarily so. That interest is Saudi Arabia, the darling of Britain's apologists for terror. I refer, of course, to Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd.

Iran has many faults. But those faults do not include funding the people who bomb Manchester and London, or supplying them with the arms that we have been stupid and wicked enough to sell in the full knowledge that that was where they were going to end up.

Oh, and remember that, with China, Qatar now owns our National Grid. That would be bad enough. But when "regime change" comes to Doha, watch who benefits in this as in so very many other areas.

Well, what would you have instead? Public ownership?

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