Friday, 16 June 2017

Worse Than Weak, Worse Than Wobbly

The persistence in office of this Prime Minister is now practically guaranteed to bring riots to London, even to the very West End, and all out war to Northern Ireland.

Away with her.

This is nothing new or foreign. It last happened in Britain as recently as 1990.

Read the extremely bitter chapter on the Poll Tax in Margaret Thatcher's memoirs.

She knew who had really brought her down, and it was not Geoffrey Howe.


  1. It was the two Europhiles, Geoffrey Howe and Michael Heseltine, who brought her down because she s aw what the EU truly was and opposed it.

    Her 'No, No, No' speech triggering Howe's resignation was the end.

    The EU has brought down three Tory Prime Ministers, Mrs Thatcher, Mr Major and David Cameron (who resigned the morning of the EU referendum result).

    1. Rubbish. As she herself understood, and never tired of pointing out. It wasn't Howe and Heseltine. It was the All-Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation, which made no bones about being the Militant Tendency that has justly crowed about having done for her ever since. Europe wasn't why she was anything up to 20 points behind Neil Kinnock.

  2. Everybody who knows anything knows it was Howe's deadly pro-Europe resignation speech and his europhile ally Heseltine's leadership challenge that brought her down. Her No,No, No speech was the defining moment.

    The scales truly fell from her eyes when Delors said he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of Europe, the Commision to be the executive and the ECJ to be Europe's Supreme Court,

    A political superstate in the making.

    As Mrs Thatcher famously said of Maastricht "I could never have signed that treaty." And her supporters never forgave Major for doing so.

    It cost him his job in the end.

    Cameron fell thanks to the EU issue too.

    The EU specialises in toppling Tory Prime Ministers.

    1. You need to read her autobiography. She certainly didn't believe that.