Friday, 16 June 2017

Under Scrutiny Again, Indeed

No, Tim Farron.
Arguably any religion, and certainly Christianity, is not, and can never be, "a private matter".
On that principle, there would never have been a Liberal Party.
Note that Theresa May simply answered "No" to the question on which Farron repeatedly um-ed and ah-ed.
The Conservatives now describe same-sex marriage as their own proudest achievement. What, ever? Quite possibly, yes.
The Lib Dems made Farron Leader despite knowing his views and his record. It was the media that made a fuss, until eventually his party also felt compelled to do so.
The Conservatives, by contrast, would never have permitted such a Leader in the first place.

It is in fact a perfectly accurate answer that we are called to concentrate on our own sins, not on other people's.

And have you ever heard a sermon on homosexuality? I mean, ever? I haven't. Yet you would think that it was all that we ever thought about.


  1. He was pushed out for being rubbish. Trying to make it about his faith is cheap and nasty.

    1. With people like Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Jo Swinson back in Parliament, Farron was no longer needed. The Lib Dems knifed the far more impressive Charles Kennedy (a totally pro-life Catholic, by the way), and they would have had no difficulty knifing him. Indeed, they did have no difficulty knifing him.

      Remember, Farron's views would have disqualified him from even contesting the Leadership of the Conservative Party.