Monday, 12 June 2017

Union City Blue?

We may be living in the last days of the United Kingdom.

No one has ever asked the huge, and still growing, population of England whether it wanted its only electoral options to be "such Tory Government as the DUP might let you have" and "such Labour Government as the SNP might let you have".

The only solution is the election of a majority Labour Government later this year or early next year. A Labour vote in every constituency. No exceptions. No excuses. There is a time and a place to be precious. This is neither.

In the meantime, a Leader from the Right is not the Conservative Party's answer to having been brought within two and a half points of defeat at the hands of Jeremy Corbyn. Economically, it is not the way to keep the DUP onside. In any area, it is not the way to keep Ruth Davidson onside.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, is never the answer to anything.

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