Saturday, 17 June 2017

Take Back Control

There are shades of Brexit about Theresa May's attempt to do a deal with the DUP, and about the sight of Sinn Féin in Downing Street, throwing its weight around.

The time has come to refuse to allow the composition or the programme of our Government to be determined, either by 10 members and fellow-travellers of the Ulster Resistance, or by seven members and fellow-travellers of the IRA.

The time has come to ask ourselves whether or not we still wanted to keep Northern Ireland and its utterly bizarre little polity, entirely regardless of whether or not the Republic wanted to take it.

The time has come to Take Back Control.


  1. The DUP are not and never were the "fellow travellers of the Ulster Resistance." This is a lie.

    Produce a single scintilla of evidence that ever ever had any ties to terrorists.

    Try it,

    1. Let's start with the fact that Sammy Wilson, DUP Press Officer at the time, chaired the founding rally of the Ulster Resistance, a rally at which Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Ivan Foster spoke.

      Emma Little-Pengelly, who is now the DUP MP for Belfast South, is the daughter of Noel Little of the Paris Three.

      All in all, the two organisations are more than casually acquainted.