Thursday, 29 June 2017

Chuka Can't

It would be worth checking for Conservatives who did not vote on Chuka Umunna's amendment. 

There are certainly 60 in favour of the Single Market, but they are probably biding their time. 

Meanwhile, 49 Labour rebels, although very much the expected sort of figure, is pitiful.

This was supposed to be the PLP's great post-Election reassertion of itself against Jeremy Corbyn. 

But it couldn't even muster one fifth of Labour MPs.

More than 80 per cent are now at least resigned to Corbyn's Leadership.

The ambitions of the likes of Umunna are over once and for all.


  1. Four, maybe six shadow ministers sacked or resigned. Let's see who replaces them, let's see who doesn't.

  2. The whip to abstain was the most entertaining expression of Corbyn's contempt for this little stunt. He's a class act. Chuka isn't.

    1. Andy Slaughter, Rupa Huq, Ruth Cadbury, Daniel Zeichner, Gareth Thomas and Catherine West. Household names, all.